AX - Lightness 27,5 Enduro Clincher

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Rims have a big impact on the performance of a bike. So far nothing new. The impact in Enduro however is especially high. In contrast to XC the demands here are very versatile and literally "demanding". To reduce the construction principle to the one of a XC rim and to simply be adapting the dimensions does not evolve the true potential. A XC rim is relatively stiff and therefore is only hardly able to yield on hard impacts and jumps which leads to failures and breaking when overloaded. For XC use they are ideally constructed though.
Our Enduro rim therefore is relatively flat (only 20mm deep) and able to yield which keeps them from breaking. In fast corners the rims are still heavily twisted which may even lead to collapsing of such open profiles in extreme cases. We have solved the issue by the help of an additional double wall. That way our rims are able to yield vertically but at the same time also torsionally stiff.

The rim hooks or rather walls are considerably thicker than those of a XC rim and therewith extremely sturdy.

Just as well as all of our other rims the Enduro rims feature our SRT technology. With high manual labour each single spoke hole is individually casted and moulded by means of studs upon laminating instead of subsequent drilling after curing and thereby cutting fibers. With us each spoke hole even features additional reinforcement layers all of which results in a structure that is capable of withstanding pulling forces of up to half a ton - for each and every spoke hole: More than twice as much as typical.
A continuous carbon roving is running inside of our rim hooks with the carbon prepregs enclosing the hooks and the internal rovings. There arguably is no better way to work with the material.
Why do we use woven fabric instead of UD? UD laminates have a lower interlaminar shear strength. Upon impacs or heavy deformations separate layers can detach which may lead to failure. Woven materials are able to cope with this problem a lot better. We do not follow the UD trend due to these technical reasons.

The internal width of 36 mm allows the tire to open up and gain in width which improves its damping as well as its ability to adapt to the surface. You gain on grip level. Thanks to the additional width the tire flexes a lot less laterally; Steering and
changes in direction are more easily executed and also more precise.
Thanks to the light rim the unsrpung mass decreases which furthermore adds in grip.

"More wide + more light + more durable = more good."


Weight (+/- 5 %) 1595 g/set
Rims ax-lightness SRT Enduro 650B Clincher
Rim material Full Carbon
Tire type Clincher, Tubeless
Brake type Disc brake
Rim depth 20 mm
Rim width 47 mm
Internal width 36 mm
Hubs DT Swiss 240S
Freehub body Shimano, Sram XX1
Axle standards front Lefty, QR, 15mm thru-axle, 20mm thru-axle
Axle standards rear QR, 142x12 thru-axle
Spokes DT Swiss Aerolite, black
Nipples External
Spoke tension 140 kgf
Spoke count (f/r) 32 / 32
Decal colour white
Field of use MTB Enduro
Rider weight limit 100 kg
Available technical data: