Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady

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iJ.intermediate_s7 Lady

This is it! The successor to the intermediateEvo Lady. This is the brand new, next-generation successor to the legendary intermediateEvo longsleeve jersey. Before intermediate, this type of cycling jersey did not exist. Very simple in concept, very effective on the bike: it is a summer jersey with longsleeves and a protective airBlock front panel. With the introduction of the iJ.intermediate_s7, we have elevated its performance, lowered its volume and increased your comfort, providing ideally light protection against chilling winds without overheating.

Composition: 10%PA, 6%PU, 5%EA, 79%PES
black Volkanga red Swiss white Panther

black Volkanga 12.30.322.12
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Outfit spring.1 and Outfit fall.4

The iJ.intermediate_s7 provides total comfort and light protection when temperatures are a bit chilly but not cold. Ideally suited for early morning rides or when riding in rapidly changing climatic conditions, such as in MTB.

Always combine your iJ.intermediate_s7 with your ASSOS interactive bodyInsulator as the first, next-to-skin layer. ASSOS offers a specific bodyInsulator for each of our seven climaRanges. To extend the versatility of your iJ.intermediate_s7 equipment, combine it with a lighter or heavier bodyInsulator, choosing the one that best suits the riding conditions and your preferences.

The iJ.intermediate_s7 features 6 different textiles, 17 patterns and 14 components. Using apparel engineering that follows the ASSOS philosophy of cycling-specific body-mapping pattern design and combining it with ASSOS AEPD know-how results in a piece of high performance technical body equipment.
• Front panel: new stratagonUltra airBlock fabric.
Advantages: Extreme stretch, extreme low volume, advanced breathability transmission factor.
• Side and rear panels made out of the new ASSOS Type.vX121 summer fabric, as used on the new SS.Uno_s7.
Advantage: SPEED! 34% faster drying process compared to the previous generation. This creates a better-performing body-temperature-regulation function.
• Upper arms feature a brand new, superlight, fleecy type of insulation fabric. Nicely adhering, it keeps your arms cozy and well protected, and provides total freedom of movement.
• NEW: the front collar features airBlock protection, too.
• Full zip with upper part flap protection.
• Three rear pockets. The center one is zippered and made of membrane incorporated fabric to give its contents light water protection.
• WristWrap: Better and more stable fit of the sleeves thanks to this new ASSOS construction feature.

ASSOS Ergonomic Pattern Design. racingCut, pre-shaped, tailored to fit you in the cycling position, it follows your movements without restriction. And, like all ASSOS Lady garments, specifically designed to fit the female body.
ATTENTION: It is very important for you to choose your correct size. Your intermediate_s7 must contour closely to your body. So, when standing upright, it may tug or pull, but drop into the cycling position and feel the intermediate click on - perfectly!

The airBlock stratagonUltra fabric used for the front panel is an exclusive R&D product of the ASSOS textile laboratory and its network of textile engineers. Engineered specifically for the demands of the ASSOS cycling body application and not commercially available, it represents the very latest, or shall we say next, development stage of thermo-response membrane fabrics:
• Micro-thin two-layer memoryfoil shield composite
• Impermeability: 11.200mm H2O
• Nonporous, hydrophilic
• Molecule gapping technology. It's alive!
• Flexible barrier function enables it to respond to your body temperature and perspiration level
• Extremely low volume, thin and high tech. MADE IN SWITZERLAND!

Performance equipment for ladies. A wardrobe must-have for ladies who ride a lot and demand total protection and comfort.
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