Team Cecchini Chakra Reflexology Plantar

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"Massage your body with every stroke of the pedal"


The innovative and revolutionary arch support, designed and produced by the Cecchini Team.
Add comfort and physical well being with every stroke of the pedal, thanks to reflexology research and application to the arch support.
More equilibrium, less pain and better performance.

Arch Support Reflexology

Arch support reflexology falls within the realm of natural medicine.
It acts through the centre of control of all physical and psychic bodily activities - namely through our nervous system.
There are 7,200 nerve terminations in each foot, which intersect extensive connections, through the spinal medulla and brain, with all parts of the body.
Nervous impulses are precisely what enables us to arrive at an organ or to organs that are stimulated through massage of the arch, unblocking and re-equilibrating them.

The Reflex Points

The entire human body has reflex points. There are areas, however, where nervous concentrations are greater.
These areas are located in the most peripheral areas of the body: the head, hands and feet.
The part of our body that has the most nervous terminations is the foot.
After years of constant research and study, we have succeeded in drawing a map of the various areas of the foot corresponding to specific internal organs. Various scholars have succeeded in demonstrating that different beneficial effects are obtained by massaging these areas.
An old curative technique has thus been brought to light in our own day, as we have discovered that with a particular type of massage, several different pathologies can be cured. There are experts who actually succeed in establishing a state of health in the entire organism by carefully massaging the foot with a certain amount of energy: this was the basis for the creation of a method based on two types of research: visual research and painful point research.

This type of investigation and research has led groups of scholars to establish a map of reflex areas. Today it is possible to establish a personalised treatment and to succeed in improving a person's state of health.

Operating principle

There are different theories that explain the mechanisms governing the effectiveness of arch reflexology, especially the following ones, which are the most important:

- Nervous stimulation, based on the relationship between the nerve terminations present in the reflex areas and the point where pain is experienced. Pressure on the reflex area therefore serves the purpose of sending communications to the brain, stimulating and intervening on the problem being experienced.

- Liberation of hormones, which is founded on the discovery that the brain controls the endocrine system. According to arch reflexology, it is sufficient to massage the painful reflex areas to stimulate the brain and free cerebral hormones, such as endorphin, to benefit from the consequent therapeutic action.

- Stimulation of the lymphatic system, favoured by pressure on several reflex points, which activate the acceleration of lymphatic circulation, benefiting the entire organism.

Stimulation of the circulatory system, which has the purpose of improving circulation and decreasing the presence of waste.

- Electric potential, which is created between the various parts of the body. On the basis of the reflexology model, the reflex points can be compared to switches, while the organs perform the function of accumulators and therefore, by acting on the switches, the electric circulation is reactivated.

- Psychological influences, which can be explained by the great importance the mind has on the origin of physical disturbances.

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