FFWD F4R Carbon Alloy clincher

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The F4R Alloy/Carbon Clincher wheelset is the most all-round wheelset for the tourist or competitive racer looking for clincher wheels. With 45mm deep carbon rims built on DT Swiss 240s hubs make the the F4R is easy to handle.

The joint of the aluminium brake surface is welded for better brake performance and the rim has wear indicators to advise when the rim needs to be replaced and built on 240s hubs these have been winning Grand Tour races and local crits for many years. The legendary Ratchet System® drive system will last for many years and provide all the performance needed to ride in a pro peloton or on your local shop ride.

Fast Forward Carbon
Fast Forward use High-Tensile TC-35 carbon for the majority of the lay-up. This gives the rim a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with hard application of the wheels. So, rather than use a stiffer, but more brittle carbon type, we chose durability over ultimate stiffness. In some lay-ups Fast Forward add some higher modulus sheets to increase stiffness locally.

Fast Forward actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fibre can handle tension very well, Fast Forward has to mix up the layers to make the rim stiff and strong enough. Pressure is not a great feature of a fibre. Just think of a string being pushed. But when mixed correctly, the different angles interconnect through the resin to make it resistant to all kinds of forces.

The 3K has a slightly lower stiffness/weight ratio than UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets of equal fibres, but it makes up by giving the rims a bombproof feature. Why? Because when a strand (or multiple) gets cut in UDF, by crashing for instance, the sheet is compromised and the tear will expand through a larger part of the sheet at continuous workload. A weave will stop the tear because it is intervened by the crossing layer of strands.

Although it is not advised to ride with a 'hole' in your rims, situations can occur where you might not know of a damaged rim or it is not an option to stop right away. Then you have the extra safety of the 3K weave to get you home.

Top Features of the Fast Forward F4R Alloy/Carbon Clincher 240s Wheelset

Weight (front): 750g
Weight (rear): 910g
Wheelset weight: 1660g
Rim depth: 45mm
Rim width: 22mm
Rim type: clincher
Spoke count (front/rear): 20/24 Sapim CX-Ray or DT Aerolite spokes
DARC profile (Yes/No): Yes
Hub: DT Swiss 240s

All-round wheelset for the tourist or competitive racer
Superstiff High Tensile TC35 Carbon and alloy 45mm deep rim
Welded alloy braking surface
Wear indicators in alloy brake surface
FFWD decals under clear coat
Hand built in The Netherlands
This wheelset comes with exclusive wheel bags, quick release set, valve extensions & brake pads
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