Time Fluidity frame kit

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Fluid. All Day. Efficient

Sometimes you don't know where the roads take you. You love to explore, to lose yourself then find yourself – one mile at a time. The Fluidity is your vessel with comfort for the long ride but performance borrowed from its siblings the IZON and SKYLON. You relish the journey, not AND the finish line.

Comfort and performance
The 'Fluid' in 'Fluidity' comes from that feeling that you are floating above the pavement. The asymmetrical chain stays push you forward while an additional layer of VECTRAN® takes away road vibration making the asphalt disappear beneath you.

All. Day.
Clear your schedule, you'll be gone a while.
The Fluidity features a taller head tube putting you in a more comfortable position. It doesn't stop there – We weave different materials into our carbon tubes at different orientations to achieve the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort.

What you put in plus change
Our RTM production process allows us to design and build beautiful shapes that deliver a ride that is just as beautiful. What you put in is what you get out – plus an undefinable feeling that some have called 'Flying'.

Today, TIME is going further in their quest for performance. Following several years of research and the application of three patents, TIME introduces AKTIV, a revolutionary fork featuring an integrated tuned mass damper, which dispels vibrations detrimental to the cyclist's performance and comfort.
How does it work?

Low frequency vibrations between 25 and 50Hz can have the most detrimental effect on performance causing discomfort and fatigue. Vibrations experienced when cycling fall into this category.

The tuned mass damper is a dissipative system that is designed to stabilize against Harmonic Vibrations, these occur when the vibration of the bicycle and rider are in phase with the vibrations from the road. Through vibrating itself the Tuned Mass Damper absorbs the worst case vibrations by off-setting the vibrations phase – reducing their intensity.

Through many tests, TIME have discovered that the fork is the best place to treat harmonic vibrations - it is as close to the road as possible - reducing the effect of all vibration phenomena throughout the system (at the seat post, the pedals and the handlebars).

GOLD PACK : Stems & handlebar & Pedals TIME Xpresso 10 under frame design
SILVER PACK : Frame & Stems TIME
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